In-House Activities

We manufacture, repair and overhaul a wide variety of products. Almost all are related to High Voltage Substations, in particular to Circuit Breakers and associated controls and components. There is an added advantage during repair and overhaul in house. Additional, unforeseen and worn items can be replaced quickly. This is one of the reasons we keep extra spares in stock. Occasionally we assemble complete Interrupters using our surplus and inventory parts.


  • Low pressure compressor replacement assemblies K150 and K175 up to 500 psi/35 bar
  • Electric controls Alternator Switch for Worthington dual Compressor controls
  • Special gaskets made of several components
  • Refurbished components with cast on Nylon guide rings
  • Refurbished components with machined/crimped on gaskets
  • New and refurbished contacts and contact fingers
  • New and refurbished arcing contacts and arcing fingers
  • New compressor units in trailers for easy transport
  • Re-designed and improved other components


  • Compressors all types and models sold by Rohe International, Inc.
  • Interrupters complete for DLF, ELF and PK circuit breakers
  • Resistor and Auxiliary Chamber assemblies
  • High Voltage Resistor Stack assemblies
  • Components and Subassemblies of CB’s like valves, drives, actuators, control blocks etc.
  • ETNA refill valves, pressure switches, relief-valves
  • ABB/BBC valves, pressure switches and relief valves
  • Pressure and leak checks for complete interrupters
  • Functional checks of components whenever possible
  • Analysis of problems

Upon request we can assist to resolve specific problems associated with pneumatic components of most H.V. circuit Breakers.