Renting and Loaning

High Pressure Compressors: 

Usually we keep one or more completely overhauled and/or new compressors model SV225/250 in our facility. The purpose is to assist our customers during emergencies and other problematic times. These units are available for rent or as an exchange unit during overhauls or whatever other reason there might be for the customer to obtain an extra compressor unit.

Low Pressure Compressors:

Due to the relatively low price of these units, rental and leases for L.P. compressors are very uncommon. However we can accommodate customers by special request.

The Portable UHF Monitor unit:

For customer who want to experiment and test the DMS Partial Discharge Sensors, ROHE International, Inc. can arrange the rental or lease of a Portable UHF Monitor. This is an excellent opportunity for the customer to get familiar with this type of PD measurement without the full expenditure of such a system.