High Pressure Air Compressors

ROHE International, Inc. is the exclusive agent for J.A. Becker & Söhne Compressor Products in USA.

We have a wide range of compressors from small workshop compressors to large industrial compressors with rated operating pressure up to 350 bar. They are not only used in Power Plants and in High Voltage Substations, but also for industrial applications like Nitrogen compression, Natural-Gas compression, for pressure testing and for production of Breathing-Air for diving and rescue operations.

Usually the delivery time for compressor type SV225/250 is relatively short. We keep a limited inventory of this particular frequently used model.

Other types of compressors have a lead time of up to 4 month depending on model and the voltages requested for motor, controls and internal heaters.

For more information please visit J.A. Becker & Sohne web site.

High Pressure Compressors