ROHE International, Inc. provides customer training for all our products. We assist customers with the installation of new products, provide special seminars for repair and trouble shooting and how to completely overhaul (life-extension) individual components and/or a complete product like a compressor or a circuit breaker. These courses can be tailor made to suit the individual customer.

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In-House Activities 

We manufacture, repair and overhaul a wide variety of products. Almost all are related to High Voltage Substations, in particular to Circuit Breakers and associated controls and components. There is an added advantage during repair and overhaul in house.

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Field Services 

ROHE International, Inc. maintains a staff of fully qualified engineers for services on all our products, especially for compressors and high voltage circuit breakers. All our engineers have several years experience and are fully qualified.

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Rental and Loaners 

High Pressure Compressors

Usually we keep one or more completely overhauled and/or new compressors model SV225/250 in our facility.  The purpose is to assist our customers during emergencies and other problematic times. These units are available for rent or as an exchange unit during overhauls or whatever other reason there might be for the customer to obtain an extra compressor  unit.

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